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Marijuana Villains
In our previous post, 5 Marijuana Heroes we discussed five prominent people that brought marijuana into the main stream. Their heroics had nothing to do with super powers but that doesn’t mean they weren’t powerful. If it wasn’t for them bringing marijuana into the mainstream you’d still be shunned for even talking about weed out loud.
But what about the antagonists in our journey to marijuana legality? Here are 5 villains in the marijuana universe.

Richard Nixon

Marijuana Villain

We could pack this list with Presidents and Prime Ministers because being anti-dope used to be a no-brainer in politics. These leaders were chosen not because of their positions on legal marijuana but of their actions. The actions of President Richard M Nixon makes him the grand daddy of the war on drugs.

When you think of the war on drugs Pablo Escobar or Mexican cartels may come to mind but we’re not referring to smuggling illegal contraband. In the 1970s an unpopular war in Vietnam was creating a culture backlash against the Nixon administration. In response Nixon launched the war on drugs as a way to snuff the out the noise by those that stood up against the war. The rebellious spirit of the hippie movement was intertwined with marijuana. Marijuana culture had begun and Nixon wanted to snuff it out.

In 1973 the Drug Enforcement Agency was founded to arrest those that were in possession of schedule 1 drugs. That included heroine, cocaine and marijuana. Now Nixon had the power to arrest anyone in possession of a joint. Not all critics of the war and Nixon were drug users but most people who smoked marijuana were. Marijuana was once again vilified and those that partook in smoking weed were labelled criminals. A stigma that carries on today even though legalization has finally come.

Mary Beth Buchanan

Mary Beth Buchanan

Carrying on the conservative tradition of abusing power to lock up innocent people, Mary Beth Buchanan started a crusade against Tommy Chong. (If she went after Willie Nelson her Republican base would probably riot.) Marry Beth Buchanan was a district attorney during the Bush administration. Her mission was to lock up Tommy Chong so she can cement her place in history as an idiot who can’t separate fact from fiction. Does Tommy Chong like marijuana? Of course. Is he the funny stoner from That 70s Show or the Cheech and Chong movies in real life? No. Does he sell drugs to children? No. He’s someone with a family that were terrorized by the US government.

This is an absolutely bonkers story that is covered in the documentary, “AKA Tommy Chong”. When historians in the future are studying the fall of the United States they should examine this poor excuse of law enforcement. Tommy Chong was targeted by the feds for selling drug paraphernalia to states where it was illegal. Operation Pipe Dream was trying to uncover a drug trafficking ring that included companies selling glass bongs. Tommy Chong’s company that he ran with his son was targeted. Mary Beth Buchanan argued that Tommy Chong used his celebrity to sell bongs and drugs to children.

This case never went to trial as Tommy Chong pleaded guilty so that his family would be free from prosecution. By being a marijuana icon Tommy Chong was targeted and thrown in jail over ridiculous accusations that he tried to sell weed and weed accessories to children. It was a total waste of tax payers money and only made Tommy Chong a hero in the eyes of those that are reasonable and can separate a fictional character and an actor.

After his 9 month imprisonment was documented on film, federal agents raided Spectrum Labs and took thousands of DVDs of AKA Tommy Chong. Their reasons were that Spectrum Labs sold products that can mask drug tests and denied taking any DVDs. There’s two problems with that. Number one, such products are not illegal federally so the FBI’s involvement is suspect. Number two they denied taking any copies of the film but in an amendment in a Pittsburgh Gazette story, it was noted that an “undisclosed number of DVDs were taken”. Why you may ask? Well the federal government does not need to disclose their reasons for taking anything they seize. Isn’t democracy great?

All of this authoritarian crap over glass bongs. 

Stephan Harper

Stephan Harper
|Author=World Economic Forum – Remy Steinegger |Date=January 28, 2010 |

Stephen Harper is the former Prime Minister of Canada that polluted our airwaves with attack ads even in non-election years. He’s kind of like a poor man’s Ted Cruz except he’s not well liked. Stephen Harper railed against marijuana legalization because of course he did. He’s a white guy from oil rich Alberta who denies climate change and hates immigrants. Gee, I wonder what his views on marijuana might be?

Turns out he thinks tobacco is a better than marijuana because…wait- what? That’s right. Stephan Harper publicly stated that “marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco”.

Lets look at his other greatest hits when it comes to marijuana.

During the 2015 election (which he lost) he argued:

  • Marijuana sold in stores will not protect kids. Contradicts himself by saying that tobacco (sold in stores) is effective in keeping it away from kids because of laws.
  • Marijuana causes mental illness like schizophrenia or psychosis which is not true.
  • Majority of Canadians don’t want marijuana legalized which was also not true. 
  • Had Health Canada print a publication saying marijuana lowers your IQ. He also had Health Canada follow that up with a PSA stating masturbation gives you hairy palms. That’s not actually true but it’s on the same level of stupid.

While Harper didn’t launch an agency to arrest dope smokers his rhetoric was old fashioned. In 2015 a world leader is still spouting off these myths when people with mental illness could of used marijuana as treatment instead of being labeled criminals and thrown in the slammer.

Carla Lowe

Carla Lowe has actually been featured on this site before. But only in the form of her garbage organization called CALM. Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana. We’ve covered this in a previous blog called Keep CALM and Ban Marijuana Forever.

There are multitude of reasons for someone to passionately take up a cause and create an organization to take up said cause. If Karen Carla Lowe  was a recovering weed addict or her kids were murdered by a sentient cannabis plant it’d be hard to blame her for hating weed. However her reasons fall into the category of prejudice and ignorance.

In an interview with the Daily Beast here’s what she had to say:

  • “Calling it ‘medical marijuana’ is a joke”
  • “…these kids with long hair kept giggling in the back of the class. They’re not focusing”
  • “It is a fat soluble, mind altering, highly toxic drug that remains in the body for up to one month, building up with each additional joint. The two organs most affected are the brain and sexual organs.”

Karen/Carla Lowe is a high school substitute teacher and not a scientist. In order to raise alarm bells over something so “dangerous” like weed it would serve everyone to be an authority on the subject. Saying teenagers with long hair that aren’t focusing on your boring class is due to pot is like blaming Mars bars for fat people in Walmart. I’m sure there are some fat people that enjoy a Mars bar but fat people in Walmart is as natural as green grass in summer.

Here’s a list of claims for her idiot organization:

  • Marijuana is more dangerous than cigarettes
  • Teen use and social ills like homelessness have risen in Colorado where pot is legal.
  • Many violent and psychotic acts have been committed by marijuana
  • Marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol
  • Since California legalized marijuana and is responsible for 60% (their numbers) of marijuana in America they are now a drug cartel state.

And it goes on. Each of these claims and more have been debunked on our blog regarding CALM.

Spreading lies due to fear and misconception is as old as time. Carla Lowe needs to go back to her evil lair and come up with a better plan to discredit and vilify the pot industry. She’s losing this one and badly.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

Evil and stupid usually puts you in the henchmen category but alas, we do not live a comic universe. In this universe we label reality, you can abuse power and sound like a complete moron then be crowned the top dog. Donald Trump is a lot of things but his stance on marijuana seem to have changed recently to mirror those of his base.

In 2018 Trump seemed like he was supportive of a bipartisan bill that would allow states to handle their own marijuana laws. But all that seemed to change because he’s an unhinged lunatic. 

  • He said marijuana lowers your IQ.
  • Supportive of countries that use the death penalty for drug use.
  • Ban immigrants who have used or have worked in the marijuana industry. If you were from Canada and invested in pot stocks you could expect trouble at the border.
  • Appointed Jeff Sessions as attorney general who is very anti-marijuana. Sessions wanted to prosecute established business in the United States for producing and selling medical marijuana.
  • Repealed Obama administrations policy recommendations for leaner prosecution of marijuana offenders.
  • Veteran Affairs physicians are not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. Marijuana was used to treat PTSD.
  • Trump administration would deny citizenship to immigrants who worked (not smoked) in the industry from countries where it’s legal (Canada) even if they were to move to a state where it’s legal.
  • Mississippians For Compassionate care were campaigning for Trump during the 2020 election claiming Trump would support legalizing medical marijuana in the great state of Mississippi. The Trump campaign told them to stop saying that immediately. 

Legalizing marijuana as part of his 2020 campaign could of actually helped Trump win. Biden was mum on legalizing it federally so it could of wooed Democratic voters. The only problem is Trumps base wants it to stay illegal. When I refer to his base I’m not talking about Joe the plumber that put his tea party hat away and put on a MAGA hat. I’m talking about law enforcement, private prisons, evangelicals, and rich white men and women who think pot equals lawlessness.

We’re winning the fight thanks to our heroes. But we must always be aware that marijuana villains are always plotting and we need to be ready. I know in this day and age facts are becoming more and more useless but have faith. Look how far we’ve come! Let’s not let these ignorant evil doers set us back decades with their falsehoods.

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