Captain Vape looks at 5 ways a marijuana buzz is depicted in pop culture.

Half Baked

While one of the best stoner comedies of all time written by one of the best stand up comics of all time, Half Baked has an interesting take on the effects of marijuana.

At the beginning of the film our main protagonist describes the first time him and his friends smoked some sweet sweet cheeba. They wonder into a convenience store and discover over grown chocolate bars and slushee drinks. Indeed this is intended to over emphasize the side effects known as the munchies in a comedic manner. Someone who is not educated in the ways of the blunt might be disappointed to find out that hallucinations of this nature are nonsense when smoking weed. Perhaps if you ingest some shrooms before hitting a joint you can mimic the same effect as the film. Results will definitely vary.

Without spoiling anything the characters in the film get high. In fact they get so high it feels like they’re floating. While smoking some medicinal science marijuana our heroes start to slowly float in the air. Again this is for comedic effect and not at all what any strain of marijuana will do for you. Once you introduce marijuana into any pop culture medium you can write any desired effect you want. 

If you are going to watch this film for the first time keep an eye out for a cameo by Bob Saget. He only has a few lines but it’s a valid argument for the legalization of marijuana.

THAT Commercial


We’ve gone over this commercial in previous blog posts and we’ll do it again dag nabit! I can’t emphasize enough the tone deafness of this monstrosity. This is meant to scare idiot parents so they send a message to their idiot kids about smoking dope and…not gun control?

Erase the stupid “harmless?” message and insert a gun control/safety message and this commercial makes a lot more sense. Like, a heck of a lot more sense. Only stupid white people who would purchase a firearm because a black family moved in across the street would understand this commercial.

If you’ve got too much time on your hands to watch the video let’s just summarize it. Two adolescents are hanging out in their dads office. They are high as a kite and this possesses them to snoop around. A kid finds a LOADED gun and the marijuana makes him blow his friends head off. If only they didn’t smoke dope his idiot friend would still be alive. There can’t be a more blatant argument for firearm control or maybe banning handguns? But no need to ban guns because marijuana is illegal and we are all safe.

Of course this was all part of the war on drugs campaign to keep marijuana illegal and loaded guns in homes with children. It’s as dumb as declaring a war on drugs then using profits from selling arms to Iran to fund guerrillas in Nicaragua who dump so much cocaine in the United States that it created a crack epidemic costing countless lives. But I digress.

Just say no…to common sense apparently.


That 70’s Show

Before The Big Bang Theory everyone was head over heels over a little show  with the catch phrase “dumbass”. What wasn’t there to love? A geeky skinny nerd and his gang of idiot friends get into adventures and retro hilarity ensues. A great sequence was the weed sessions when the characters would look into the camera surrounded by a cloud of smoke. This is probably the best depiction of a marijuana session in pop culture that I’ve ever seen. It’s not mind blowing or full of hallucinations. It’s a far more realistic, however; this isn’t the only way a marijuana high was depicted in this show.


It’s interesting that when the characters are all high together the only thing that really changes is the camera angle and no editing cuts. The characters act a little wonky but that’s to be expected. It’s only when one of the kids has to speak to the adults when their high that they start to freak out. By freak out I mean hallucinate as if they are on LSD. 

The 70s to me is when the world stopped being in black and white. I was born in the 80s which means I’m a millennial. When I’m not drinking Scotch with my haggis I’m trying on my kilt I like to listen to bag pipes while watching football. Oops that was a Scottish stereotype. When I’m not cancelling celebrities on Twitter or chugging pumpkin spice lattes I like to indulge in some legal marijuana because I’m old enough to vote now. That’s better.

I don’t know what how strong the pot was back in the 70s but I don’t know of anyone that hallucinated like this. If you’ve never smoked pot in your life and you think this is what happens, you are going to be sorely disappointed. LSD is not pot and pot is not LSD. 


There are a number of video games that depict marijuana in strange ways (as we stated in our previous post 5 Video Games That Include Marijuana.) We chose GTA V because a lot of people play it and its depiction of a marijuana buzz represents most other video games that mimic a marijuana buzz. The most common effect is in online mode (probably single player too) when the player is instructed to “press X to hit the bong.” That phrase should be a t-shirt slogan. I’m too lazy to start a shirt business so whoever steals that idea, you’re welcome.

The effect is a green tint that covers the entire screen. The sound of the game slows down and sounds distorted. The image is wavy and it seems like time slows down. If you keep hitting the bong the screen gets a little greener. There really isn’t anything else but this effect is more of a magic mushroom buzz. I never understood the green tinge. I get that marijuana itself is green (mostly) but why would I literally see green? When I drink whiskey I see red so maybe they are on to something.

An Old Timey Movie

Propaganda stripping people of their identity because they’re a drug user is an American tradition. This goes as far back as the 1930s when the cool thing to do was label “refer” smokers as violent criminals. 

The most famous piece of propaganda has to be the 1936 film, Refer Madness. This film came out before all that communism craziness but helped form the image of a violent drug user. The film is about teenagers who are lured into trying marijuana for the first time. Once the characters get high they’re subjected to hallucinations (that’s not pot), attempted sexual assault, suicide, manslaughter and a descent into madness. The film was funded by a church group intent on teaching kids the dangers of drugs. Fortunately facts are not part of their creed. Unfortunately their alternative facts resulted in a lot of people being wrongfully imprisoned.

If you’re in the mood for creepy old timey propaganda, check it out:


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