Video Games On Weed

All of them

Well that’s the best answer any of these clickbaity top 5 or top 10 lists could give you and it would save us all time. Riding an indica buzz while galavanting around a virtual world is one of life’s many pleasures. Escapism at its finest. Movies and books just don’t offer the same immersion. The medium’s point of view is not up to you but to the author or director. Video games require your focus so you can decide how to achieve the solution to a puzzle or drive on the sidewalk and take out a crowd of people. Either way, marijuana and video games go together like chocolate and peanut butter.


So I thought, “Hey! I like video games. I like marijuana. Why not share my thoughts on what the best video games to play while high on dope?” What a genius idea no one else on the internet has ever thought of.


These games are what I would suggest to enhance the flavor of your evening not unlike a bottle of Merlot with a nice sirloin steak.


Behold, the best video games to play while high on the devils lettuce.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation cover art
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If immersion is the name of the game then you can’t go wrong with Alien: Isolation. What makes this game so great is at it’s core, it’s hide and seek. You play as Ripley’s daughter, Ripley. You arrive at a space station that’s been under emergency lock down for some time. Those damn androids that took-yer-job have started killing survivors and there’s a pest problem. That problem is an 8ft tall xenomorph that likes to hide in vents and roam the hallways so it can murder you.


The only way to beat the Alien is to hide and to run. Have you ever got to your front door and played a little game where you had to quickly find your keys before the killer finds you? Sega obtained the Alien license and turned that into a game.


If you have a Playstation camera or a Kinect on the Xbox then you can have the option of having the game watch and listen to you. Start coughing while hitting bong when you think you’re well hidden and the xenomorph will find you and bite your face off. Best enjoyed with headphones.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy cover art
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Super Mario Galaxy is a trippy game. It feels like an animated children’s book and that’s a very good thing. The platforming is some of the best you’ll ever come across. If you’re a fan of the legendary game Mario 64 then you’ll be happy to know that Galaxy has perfected that formula.


Multiple levels are their own Galaxy with planets that act as parts of the level. The way the game uses gravity makes for some creative platforming and puzzle solving. Included is a great soundtrack that has original scores with nods to classic Mario games. Combine that with some intuitive gameplay and you have a masterpiece.


The boss fights are pretty easy but I did find the puzzle platforming a little challenging at times. It can be frustrating but if you’re blazing on some hippie sticks you’ll appreciate the aesthetics of this crazy world. The way the game uses gravity and turns a 3D world on its head makes this one of the best platformers of all time.


I would argue that this game on its own is an anti-depressant. Mix it with your favourite strain and I promise you’ll have a smile on your face even though you’re playing it on the Nintendo Wii and it’s silly controller.


Beat Saber

Beat Saber Logo
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Virtual reality headsets are a niche product and not as mainstream as some gaming “experts” thought they would be. Yet with the Oculus Quest series of headsets and the Playstation VR, virtual reality was able to grab some of the market because the price has become more competitive. Still expensive? Yes but not so out of reach that you’d assume it’s only for spoiled rich kids.


We’d all imagine a killer app that would redefine what video games can be. Enter Beat Saber. It’s like guitar hero and dance dance revolution had a baby. If you’re into tech music like dub step then this is the game for you. Take a few solid tokes off a splif before becoming the music maaaaan.


The game makes you move your arms in an specific motions and depending on the difficulty, you may accidentally work out. The game is addictive which is proven by its big sales and availability on most headsets. It’s a must have and a great way to brighten your mood.

Disco Elysium

Dysco Elysium poster art
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In my day gaming on your PC was little different then it is today. Adventure games were not platformers with the budget of a Fast & Furious film. They were called “point and click games” with near impossible puzzles in order to artificially extend the length of the game. These games included Kings Quest, Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, etc. It was a genre that was not totally forgotten but definitely past it’s prime.


Now we have Disco Elysium. It’s a point and click adventure game set in an alternate reality in a strange town. You are a police officer with amnesia and your are a drunk, drug abusing piece of trash. Throughout the game you have an almost infinite amount of dialogue options and can take your character to extreme situations. Depending on your choices you can turn your character into a racist commie or a hardcore capitalist. At its core it’s a paper and pen role playing game that uses a dice system to decide if your actions are successful.


Playing this game stoned is almost a must. It’s absolutely hilarious and has won awards for its writing. This is a very right brain game as it gets very existential. Even if it may be too deep for you, the obscure dialogue options and out of nowhere jokes are worth the price of admission. Launching this game after blazing definitely puts you in the right state of mind the creators intended for the main character. I felt immersed more easily playing this game stoned.


Now available of the PS4!


Tetris Screen Shot
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Classic Tetris not those fancy Tetrises….Tetrisai? Just plain Tetris. Why would this be any fun stoned you ask?


Well I can only speak from my personal experience but number one, it helps me be better at it. Number two, I start to space out almost in a trance and it’s like my logical brain has taken over and the rest of my consciousness is running around in a field somewhere. Before I know it I’m getting 4 line combos and start to ponder if this is an e-sport. Then my father can finally say his son is an athlete.


That’s just a small example of how Tetris mixed with marijuana can free your mind and allow it to flex its logical muscles. Being stoned can enhance your focus and shut out the entire world around you as you listen to that iconic music that used to blare out of your Gameboy speakers.


Do you have a favourite game to play stoned? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on the social medias.

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