Can Marijuana Help Weight Loss

Marijuana has always had a better reputation then its hardcore cousins. Weed is kind of like that kid who grew up in the hood but always had a good moral compass and worked hard to be the first in his family to go to college. His bothers and sisters cocaine and meth would rather party and usually get in trouble with the law.


What the hell am I talking about? I’m trying to explain the fascinating stigma that revolves around marijuana. You know the usual claims such as: being medicinal, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, sleeping aid, helps with anxiety oh and it can get you high as balls. No ones saying that about cocaine. Heck back in the day coke was used medicinally. That was old-timey tonics when doctors would tell you to smoke more cigarettes to deal with stress.

Another positive side effect of marijuana is the munchies. For those suffering with chronic illness losing ones appetite can be a severe symptom. Marijuana can help get the appetite back to try and generate some energy towards recovery.

Even so the “munchies” is also seen as a negative side effect. Sure you’re sleeping better and the stress is melting away but not that bowl of cookie dough ice cream in front of you. It didn’t have time to melt because the marijuana is making you devour it you fatty fat fat McFattington.



Sorry I get mean when I’m hungry.


Let’s say you’ve discovered that marijuana has been helping with your insomnia but it’s been making you eat more than usual. You’re packing on the pounds now and you didn’t see that coming. What can you do now?


Fortunately there are strains to help curb the munchies and may actually help you lose weight. That’s right. Marijuana can help you lose weight. There is a cannabinoid in certain strains that’s different than CBD and THC. It is called THCV.


According to a study  the THCV cannabinoid can help with weight loss and be and effective at managing type 2 diabetes. While THCV is not known to have psychoactive effects, there are strains that can have THC and THCV such as Doug’s Varin. That means you can have your cake and not feel like having to eat it too.


  • Durban Poison
  • Red Colognes l
  • Power Plant
  • Skunk #1
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Doug’s Varin
  • Pink Boost Goddess


Finding the right strain for you may take some experimentation. The percentages of THCV in the listed strains range from 4% all the way up to 28%. Depending on the grower they may have been able to get high percentages of THCV. Everyone reacts to marijuana differently so you may be more/less sensitive to THCV than others. Personally I find that I am very sensitive to THC. I vape regularly but if I try anything over 13% THC I’ll probably have a panic attack. My advice is start at a lower percentage. I know what the effects of consuming a high THC percentage strain is for me. I have no clue what a high THCV percentage would do to me. Sounds like a great blog idea in the near future.

There are much more THCV strains available but this should be a good start for you. Now that marijuana is legal the information on strains is widely available. Do your research when choosing a strain to alleviate specific ailments such as stress or appetite. Dispensaries around the country are filled with knowledgeable people who should be able to find what you’re looking for.


Have you tried a THCV strain? Is it a positive or negative experience? Would you recommend to someone who may struggle with weight or diabetes? Let us know in the comments below.

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