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 Let’s face it- there’s never been a better time to make an excuse for not going to the gym.

 I don’t know how well this blog post is going to age but for those of you in the post- apocalypse, Covid 19 has closed our gyms since 2020. 

Our alternatives is working out at home or going outside and jogging at 6 in the morning. Not to lose weight but to have an overwhelming feeling like you’re better than everyone else. Well I live in the true, north, strong and free and it’s -20 Celsius today. If I’m going to run outside it better be to shelter or to outrun a polar bear.

Marijuana is also legal here and there’s a stay-at-home lockdown. So that could effect ones workout schedule just a tad.

The best way for Canadians to stay in shape during these dark times is to workout at home. That’s also where most of us keep our bongs. Surely there must be a way to enjoy our favourite recreational activity and stay in shape?

So the question is, can we still have a good workout and smoke weed?

This question has inspired me to try an experiment. I’ve done home workouts but I’ve always been sober. Today I’m going to have my judgement impaired by participating in a cannabis session in order to be intoxicated. Then I will workout and share my experience. 

Before we get to that lets see what people are saying about this very question. 

Can Marijuana Help Your Workout?

According to Men’s Journal there isn’t a ton of scientific research. People seem to smoke weed to enjoy the workout instead of getting results. In my opinion this sounds like a lot of bologna (pronounced ba-lo-n-eh). I thought working out was supposed to be a drug? You know that dopamine hormone that makes you feel alive and full of purpose? Is feeling high on weed so much better than that feeling?

Of course you’re not going to hear a professional athlete admit that it helps them compete so I can’t be surprised by that response. We covered this topic in a previous post, Is Marijuana A Performance Enhancing Drug?  

But according to Market Watch, people who smoke weed and workout tend to exercise more. It seems that moving around while being really high is fun! Who would of thought?  One of these guys vapes before the workout then…eats an edible after to recover.  Are you kidding me? How much to you hate being sober? 

There’s arguments like marijuana acts as an anti-inflammatory and it gives you a runners high before you start. I’ve had a runners high before. I’ve had a marijuana high before. If a runners high was the same as a marijuana high we’d have a country full of Usian Bolts.

Eating an edible so your muscles won’t be sore just seems like an excuse to me. You have to write off the rest of your day when you workout. You do some leg presses then pop an edible. Now you have to lay on your couch for hours like you’re in an opium den and no one can call you lazy. All you’re doing is training yourself like a dog.

Couch Edible Marijuana
“Every time I workout I get a special treat. I love this!” No shit.

Alright now it’s my turn. Here’s how this experiment will work:

Marijuana: Tangerine Dream THC 12.9% Sativa strain

Ingested by: Vaping

Amount: I don’t have a scale so lets say a Canadian quarter size stuffed in a pinky finger size oven.

Workout: VR boxing.

Thrill of the fight

Yes! VR! There is a game called Thrill Of the Fight. It is a boxing simulator against AI fighters. 

The workout is shadow boxing. I’m using a VR video game but believe me this is a legit workout. In fact, pro boxer Tamuka Mucha has said he uses Thrill of The Fight as part of his training regement.

Here’s a YouTube video of him talking about it:

I can personally attest that this game hurts the next day. It’s a great workout solution for those who have VR. Heck purchasing a VR system for workout purposes just might be a cheaper solution to a gym membership. Right now none of that matters because nothing is open. But I digress..

No more stalling it’s time to work out. My next paragraph shall be my personal experience of working out while high on marijuana. 

Thrill of the Fight
Bring it!


Post Workout Report:

So I won’t get into the details of how the game plays but you hold controllers in each hand and punch in front of you constantly.

This is how I felt while working whilst high on the devil’s lettuce:

It felt ok. At first it felt pretty intense but in a fun way. I found my punches weren’t as hard at first. But I felt pumped up and was ready to have fun. I’ve played this multiple times so I know when I’m hitting hard or I’m slow and can’t kill a fly. 

The first part of the workout is the least difficult so it gets more intense at it goes on. I found I was keeping pace but I should be doing better because I’m on the first level. The last time I used this was two weeks ago so I know I was going to be off. 

Then the computer AI hit me hard and I didn’t see it coming. It surprised me. Then that little voice in my brain said “nuh-uh” and all of a sudden I became super focused. It did feel different. I felt like I slowed down time a little and found my groove in no time. I was now really working out hard and just focusing. This was due to the marijuana for sure.

While that felt great and I started thinking there was something to this I started spacing out. It felt like my focus was on a sliding scale. It would be strong for a period of time then slip into me thinking of investing in Gamestop. I had to remind myself of what I was doing sometimes and once I did I was laser focused again.

Overall it felt pretty good but I think working out while high on marijuana should be for monotonous exercises like running on a treadmill while starring at nothing. That’s what my cheap gym is like but I can’t go there while high. I have to drive to get there. No I’m not going to vape in changeroom before working out. All I need is 80’s heavy metal.

So if you want to be combine your weed sessions and your workout schedule it sounds like its pretty safe. I think that’s the most important thing to conclude here. If it makes your workout sessions that much more enjoyable have at it. My only concern is using it as a crutch. Like not being able to write a blog post unless I’m lit…

Lit Rhino dot ca

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