CBD kill gonnorhea

Great news in the world of cannabis and unprotected sex! CBD not only helps arthritis, your dog and chronic pain but it can kill the STI gonorrhea. What is with this magical substance? What’s next? It’s going to stop climate change?

One things for sure- CBD thinks it better than me. I can’t say I blame it. I can’t cure anything. Although I’ve never suffered from gonorrhea so maybe I can.


In all seriousness it looks like CBD can help in the fight against serious infections. This is huge news because not only are we in a war with the corona virus but we are in another microscopic war with bacteria.


These tiny bastards are experts at adapting. For those millennial nerds out there you may have heard of a television show called Star Trek: The Next Generation. The brave crew of the starship Enterprise encounter a race of cyborg humanoids called, the Borg! At first they are easy to kill using a typical 24th century phaser. They try shooting another one with the same phaser and now it’s immune to it. That’s what is happening with our anti-bodies and bacteria. When your body gets an infection your immune system will use the equivalent of a phaser to kill the bacteria. When your body tries to do that again it doesn’t work. Now the bacteria is immune to all attacks from the body. So now your infection gets worse and you see the doctor. You get prescribed anti-biotics which effectively kills the infection.

Marcin Wichary, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That’s not the end of the story because just like Jason Voorhees the bacteria will be back and its immune to your stupid anti-biotic pills. When a large population take these anti-biotics bacteria becomes more and more resistant. The WHO (World Health Organization not the band. Although maybe they have their own two cents on gonorrhea infections.) have already issued a warning on a super gonorrhea. This is due to the infection affecting 100 million people worldwide annually so that is a lot of anti-biotics prescriptions.  What hope can we possibly have against such a formidable foe?


The devil’s lettuce of course. Now for those of you who are not quite sure what CBD is I recommend our previous post What’s the Deal With CBD? So if you get the unfortunate diagnoses that you have a gonorrhea infection don’t think that smoking a bunch of dope is the cure. I wish being high cured all of our ailments too but that’s not reality. First of all CBD is from the flower of the Hemp plant. These buds have an abundance of CBD and very low THC (the fun one). A marijuana plant will be the opposite: high THC and low CBD.  


Perhaps the most important part of this discovery is not CBD effectively fighting gonorrhea but it can also fight meningitis and legionnaires disease. I’m no scientist but from my brief research it looks like this bacteria responsible for those diseases are classified as a gram negative bacteria. This type of bacteria are equipped with an extra slimy membrane that gives it another layer of armor against anti-bodies. CBD has been able to burst this membrane leaving the bacteria vulnerable for the kill. How does CBD do this exactly? Scientists are not exactly sure yet so the research continues. The good news is that it does. If CBD can become an alternative to anti-biotics and stop bacteria from resisting our drugs it can be the most important discovery since penicillin. Thank you cannabis. Is there anything you can’t do? 



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