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Dog Cbd

It’s starting to get difficult to get out of bed and read the news without CBD being shoved in my face. It’s good for arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety etc. It’s such a wonder drug you’d think it could cure Covid 19. It turns out it can’t cure it but it can help with anxiety associated with Covid 19. Super.

CBD oil is so mainstream and hyped up you’d think it was extracted from a serpent. Although this Captain sailed the high seas of the interweb and find out what the deal with CBD actually is. Now the question is can you give it your dog?

Pet CBD oil has become big business. Dog owners are always looking out for the very best for their dog but are they falling for the hype? Or is there something to this alternative medicine?

Currently there are on-going studies on veterinary colleges to determine the long term effects of CBD oil for dogs. While the results have been mostly promising there is still a lot we don’t know about CBD especially for pets.


Unless you’re Michael Vick your dogs safety is your number one priority as an owner. The good news is that CBD oil contains very little to no THC so your fur baby will not get lit. Please if you are reading this do not get your dog high. It doesn’t know anything and you are drugging an oblivious living creature against its will.

THC can seriously disorient or make your dog very ill. That’s why you should make sure if you do give your dog CBD that there is less than 0.3% THC present.

Any or all CBD extract you purchase for your dog shouldn’t have a lot of THC. You can always buy hemp CBD that has no THC or CBD extracted from the female plant that will have traces of it. The jury is still out in which is better or actually potent so be sure to do your research.

To err on the side of caution use CBD with little to no THC and give less than the recommended amount on the bottle/container.

What does it do?

With all this CBD talk all over the media I’m sure you’re curious as to why the heck you would give it to your dog? Well CBD oil is considered a natural alternative medicine for humans. So why not for dogs?

According to a Cornell study CBD oil used in treatments for pain in dogs were a success. Thankfully there were some veterinarians in hand during this study to verify this. It’s not like the dogs can tell those scientists if it worked or not.

Certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible to arthritis than others such as german shepards, golden retrievers and labradors. CBD can be a great alternative medicine to get those joints moving. It’s been known to work almost instantly with humans so why not? Just remember to always talk with your vet before administering any CBD to your dog.

According to a Colorado State University study CBD oil can help dogs suffering with epilepsy. During that study 89% of the dogs who received CBD treatments suffered less frequent seizures.

As promising as all these studies are so far we are just beginning to learn about this cannabinoid. However if you’re dog is suffering from the following and prescribed drugs aren’t working it might be worth a try: arthritis, epilepsy, inflammation, loss of appetite, chronic pain amd anxiety.



We at Captain Vape don’t like to tell anyone what to do. So let’s look at both sides of the argument for and against CBD for pets. I know we are talking about dogs but I guess this can go for cats too. As a former dog and cat owner I would be ecstatic if I knew there was a natural medicine to help my pet.

CBD wasn’t around back in those days. But could I have helped them in their later years? Could CBD extend their life? It’s tough to think about but it’s something all pet owners should consider.

My cat used to puke a lot. He wouldn’t eat and hide under somewhere dark when he felt like crap. I remember feeling so hopeless and wanted to do anything to help him. I always knew it would pass and he’d be back to his old self. I feel if CBD was around back then maybe it could have helped. That’s a big maybe and it wouldn’t have cured him outright. But maybe I could of helped him.

Back then the only way to help his condition was expensive surgery. There was no way my parents were going to pay for that. Eventually it got to a point where my parents couldn’t take it anymore. Hopefully he’s still having fun on that farm they sent him to hours away. He’s now 34 years old. 

For all I know there’s medication today that could of helped him. I know CBD would of at least helped him eat. Maybe I would of got another year or two with him.

CBD is not a miracle drug but if it can promote positive effects in a sick pet then isn’t it worth trying?

Why not?

Marijuana is legal in Canada and in 33 states but it hasn’t been that long. Before legalization conducting studies on CBD for pets and humans has been limited. While the media and advertisements like to boast that it’s some kind of miracle drug you should be cautious.

In humans CBD can actually be harmful in some cases. It affects the liver so it can compound your medical issues if you take medication for your liver for example.

Health Canada and the FDA have not regulated it yet. Dosages are recommended but not from lengthy studies that have concrete conclusions about its effects.

The bottom line is that CBD is not without risks. It sounds like a great alternative but it can make medical conditions worse. It’s one thing if you are taking on that risk yourself but for an animal it’s a whole new ballgame. The best way to help your dog/cat is through the advice of a medical professional and not Dr. Google.

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