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Delta 8 Joints

Now that legalization has become the law of the land in the true, north strong and free and in 33 states it seems like THC and CBD have been hogging the spotlight. Cannabis is a very complex plant and because of prohibition we are decades behind unlocking its mysteries. Its common knowledge that THC gets you high and CBD is a pain killer without impairing your judgement. But there’s another cannabinol that’s acts as both THC and CBD. Or as some would describe it, marijuana lite.

Diet Weed

Diet Delta 8 THC sounds like something that was cooked up in a lab and branded with a fancy chemistry title. In actuality, the title delta 8 is used to differentiate it from her bigger sister delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC is the name given to the most common cannabinol that we all know and love. The common person refers to delta 9 as tetrahydrocannabinol or just plain ol’ THC.


Delta 8 is has a similar molecular structure to delta 9 but with a few differences. The result is a different tetrahydrocannabinol that doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects as delta 9. It is typically extracted from the male flower which is rich in CBD. Therefore its desired effect is to receive the positive effects of CBD with a little buzz that doesn’t come with anxiety attacks or crazy paranoias.


In our previous blog What Overdosing On Weed Feels Like we covered some intense negative side effects from overindulging in marijuana. While overdosing on THC might not seem as dangerous as fentanyl or meth it can certainly feel that way when you’re experiencing it. Delta 8 could appeal to those who are trying to wean themselves off of delta 9 or for those who want the health benefits of CBD with a minor buzz. Marijuana is not for anyone but the health benefits of CBD shouldn’t be overlooked because of delta 9s shady reputation.


Inhale or Eat?

Inhale it. If delta 8 is consumed as an edible it is converted into the same chemical in the liver as delta 9. It’s possible to ingest a large amount of delta 8 and suffer the same consequences as consuming a large amount of delta 9.


If you’re not interested in vaping the substance then I would stick to CBD oil or CBD edibles. The producers of delta 8 claim the same benefits of CBD which include:

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Increases Appetite
  • Helps with nausea
  • Pain killer
  • Elevate mood
  • Less intense high
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Of Course There’s a Controversy


While on the surface delta 8 sounds like a great alternative to smoking refer and being completely wasted; it isn’t without its warts. As mentioned above someone using delta 8 as an edible might get the wrong idea and consume a lot because it’s “healthy”. The only problem is that ingesting it can have the same effects as THC because of how your liver processes it.


In Chicago there is a concern regarding delta 8 because it has stores that are not dispensaries and are selling delta 8. “What’s the big deal captain? Why do you have to be such a buzz kill?” one may ask. Well I’ll tell you.


Dispensaries selling legal marijuana are subject to state law and regulations in order to keep consumers safe. That means you can’t open a dispensary and sell marijuana laced with cocaine because your products need to be tested and labelled. Pretending to be a dispensary but only selling delta 8 and CBD as alternative health supplements gives an opportunity to loop hole through these regulations.


According to this article a vaping cartridge containing delta 8 was tested. It found particles of metals including lead in the substance. You can see where this going. Unregulated sales of delta 8 can contain harmful substances which is not the fault of the plant mind you. For those pot growers out there how many times have you’ve grown lead or other metals from your pot plants? Do you bury a lead pipe and hope for a metal tree?


Ok enough sarcasm. Obviously the refinement and extraction of delta 8 is what needs to regulated and monitored. Not only that, but thanks to the war on drugs scientists have not been able to study the long term effects of delta 8.

Is It Safe?

At face value delta 8 THC seems to be closer to CBD than THC. The raw substance of delta 8 sounds like it’s safe and does have positive attributes. The only problem is who is extracting it and after that process what’s in it? This captain would never tell you what to do but this is purely an educational blog. The deal with delta 8 is that everything surrounding it is not quite clear. Yes it’s legal but is there people in lab coats making sure it’s safe for the general public?


Every package of weed you legally purchase here in Canada has a label containing the strain name and the percentage of THC and CBD. Why can’t we have the same for delta 8? There are tons of websites almost yelling through your screen that it’s legal. But you can’t purchase it at any dispensary or the only online store run by the guvment. So to summarize, delta 8 is legal because the plant is derived from is legal. If you want to purchase delta 8 it won’t will from an unregulated source. That’s like buying milk from the back of a truck.


Milk is good for you. Cows are legal. Milk is legal. But do you trust the hillbilly at the side of the road selling it from his dirty pick up truck? Don’t you want to be confident that the milk your drinking is subjected to regulations and health laws?


If something happens to someone because they wanted to try delta 8 there is going to be an over reaction and new laws will be passed that will hinder this new and prosperous industry. Why can’t we nip this in the butt before someone gets sick and ruins it for everybody?

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