Feminized seeds

There’s nothing worse than growing an entire garden of beautiful cannabis plants only to find that half are male and the other have are female. Depending on what you were planning to do with those plants, small time “hobby” growers are probably looking for one gender. The male gender will be plump with flowers containing everyone’s favourite cannabinoid, cannabidiol (AKA CBD). I can type that word a thousand times in a row and I will never learn to spell it. It’s a weird and awkward word.

Low and behold there is a scientific method to generate female-only seeds. It’s a lot like taking down a were-wolf. It will require patience…and silver.

How Are Female Seeds Possible?

Luckily the plant does all the work but if you do it correctly you can have your own golden goose. Instead of a goose it’s a plant and instead of golden eggs you get marijuana seeds. They’re very special seeds that can grow you an abundance of THC. One might say they resemble magic beans that can grow a marijuana stock.

Fairy tale analogies aside, this is how it happens. A female plant is treated with a silver thiosulphate solution (or colloidal silver). The silver solution neutralizes ethylene which is a hormone for the flower. That female plant will now produce male flowers that will only produce female seeds. It is not damaging sorcery but sorcery nonetheless. 

How Can I Feminize My Seeds? 

Luckily it isn’t too difficult to engineer your plants to produce female seeds. Colloidal silver can be found at any store that sells garden supplies. It can be used to control fungus in different plants so you already have a story if you run into your grandmother at the store. Unless she’s into growing and smoking pot. No judgements here.

You can also find colloidal silver at one of those alternative medicine stores. You know the kind of place your dope smoking grandma bought you those “healing” crystals? 

Here’s how to use colloidal silver to get feminized seeds:

  • Make sure the colloidal silver is at least 15ppm (parts per million). It should say the amount right on the label. 
  • You will want to use the colloidal silver once your plants are reaching sexual maturity. For more information on the difference between male and female plants refer to our previous blog How To Care For a Marijuana Plant. 
  • Spray your female plants with the colloidal silver 3 times a day for about two weeks. 
  • Be sure not to smoke anything from the plant after you’ve sprayed. Silver is very pretty but should never be inhaled.

Is This Worth It?

If you are new to the marijuana grow game and you grew females from seeds you probably ended up with some males too. Any basic tutorial may have told you that once you determine you have a male plant is to discard it or get it out of the garden of female plants. No one is saying you can’t use it. If you only want THC flowers it can be wasteful.

If you bought a female clone you can maximize your harvest by growing 100% female plants all year long. Just soak those ladies with silver goodness and then it’ll grown man parts to grow with pods full of female seeds. Isn’t nature magical?

Can You Masculinize Seeds?



Now that marijuana is legal almost everywhere growing can be a legit hobby and it can get you high. No more giving your fake Yahoo email address to some dispensary. Now you are the dispensary. Feminizing seeds can:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Save you from interacting with people and getting sick
  • Save and grow your investment

Are you new to growing? Is this something you’d like to try or have you had success feminizing seeds? Failure?
Lets us know in the comments below. 

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