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Weird Edibles

Although my preferred way of achieving euphoria from the devil’s lettuce is vaping (obviously) I couldn’t help but notice some exotic edibles in my travels. By travels I mean surfing the Inter-web and by exotic I mean absurdly weird. We all know the usual suspects such as gummies and brownies but let’s see how creative people can get in this big beautiful world. Today we look at five of the strangest edibles we could find.

Cotton Candy

Weird Edibles


This one grabbed my attention because it’s not an obvious candy choice. Chocolate bars and gummy bears are always what people imagine when they hear the word edible. It does to me anyway and I’m usually right about most things.


I always associate cotton candy with the circus and I always associate the circus with clowns. I can’t imagine walking the grounds and checking out the attractions while slowly being intoxicated by my giant wad of cotton Candy. It sounds like a cruel joke to play on someone. I’m sure I could ride out the high but depending on how strong it is the crazy paranoias could kick in. That’s when my mind will start wondering to dark places like will the clowns kill then eat my corpse or eat me while I’m still alive?


Sorry for the dark thoughts but this cotton candy kicks in way sooner than you’d expect. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a red balloon caught on a storm drain outside my window and it’s calling my name.


Marijuana Cerreal

Is there a better way to start the day? Nothing says good morning like a bowl of your favourite cereal with two scoops of THC for good measure. Now obviously you don’t have to have cereal in the morning. I’ve had many cereal dinners over the sink after a long afternoon of crying in the shower.


It makes you wonder, is that who this so for? Why is there marijuana in my fruit loops? But then it occurred to me that something like this should exist because why should edibles be limited to gummy bears or brownies?


Some of these cereals contain 500mg of THC although its hard to determine how potent it is.

Dog Food

CBD Dog Food

Why should you have all the fun when your best friend is licking himself sober as a judge? Feeding your dog edible marijuana is hilarious and recommended by most vegetarians. Actually I just fact checked that and apparently it’s not hilarious but cruel and veterinarians are very much opposed to feeding your dogs marijuana. That just proves to me that you should never trust or listen to vegetarians.


Of course we are not referring to marijuana edibles but CBD edibles. For more info about CBD and your dog be sure to check out our previous blog on the matter. CBD is considered a natural remedy for a wide range of issues such as anxiety and arthritis. So next time your dog lunges at the jugular of your neighbors dog be sure to provide your pooch with a treat that will surely help their anxiety. Hopefully they don’t get the wrong idea that your rewarding them.


Come to think of it a vegetarian told me to do that so maybe that’s not such a good idea.


However if your dog is suffering from physical ailments CBD can be a safe remedy so your dog can move around like they used to.


According to a Cornell study CBD oil used in treatments for pain in dogs were a success. Thankfully there were some veterinarians in hand during this study to verify this. It’s not like the dogs can tell those scientists if it worked or not.


Infused Beer

Currently there are a few THC or CBD infused beers that are available. Before you get too excited these beers are non-alcoholic. The legal ones anyway. Mixing THC and alcohol is a hobby for some cool cats out there but it can be sickening. It’s a sure fire way to get the spins and violently vomit if you’re not careful. I can’t imagine too many corporations wanting to go down that road. Maybe the tobacco companies.


Currently there are two types of infused beer. THC and CBD of course. We both know that CBD doesn’t give you any intoxicating effects so why not mix that with alcohol? Well like we explained in our previous blog, What’s The Deal With CBD it affects your liver so do that math.


Anheuser-Busch the makers of Budweiser have partnered with a Canadian company to created infused beer. Molding-Coors have done the same and are currently offering both CBD and THC infused beers. Now that major brewery corporations have thrown their hat in the ring is it that weird? Well when we used to social gatherings before the Covid apocalypse sometimes you’d have that one guy or gal who doesn’t drink but they indulge in some marijuana. Now they can enjoy a beverage with the rest of the party goers without sparking up a J. While right now that’s not the norm it eventually will be.


Fireball Gumies


Speaking of corporations taking a slice of the edible pie and normalizing it, this a strange find. Fireball, the whiskey drink infused with sugar and cinnamon hearts has come up with their own….gummies?


It makes perfect sense for beer companies to make marijuana beer so to be honest that’s not THAT weird. But an adult beverage company to not make an infused beverage but a gummy based on their adult beverage- is very weird.


That’d be like a meat company that manufactures hot dog wieners coming out with their own ice cream. Yes they make food but they are outside their lane. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just saying it’s weird.


The product is clear in stating that their gummies do not contain any fireball whiskey but they are cinnamon whiskey flavored. It also contains 100mg of THC per pack. So a candy flavored beverage makes a candy that tastes like their beverage but instead of alcohol it contains marijuana. Makes sense to me.

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