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Pot Diminishes Sex Life
Part two of a two part series discussing the effects of pot and sexual behaviour. This part will focus on how weed can negatively affect your sex life. For information on how it can positively affect your sexual experiences be sure to check out part one here .

Cannabis is a funny thing. It’s not just because it’s called whacky tobaccy but it’s due to its complexity. For every argument for how it can be beneficial, either medically or recreationally there’s always a counter-argument that attempts to prove its harmful. That brings us to our current topic, pot and sex. In part one we covered how it can positively affect males and females in different ways. In part two we will cover the risks involved in using marijuana to enhance your sex life.

What’s The Big Deal?

Big Deal


There are those of you who might be thinking, “My partner and I smoke before we get busy and it’s great. What’s the big deal?” If that’s the case I’m happy for you and keep doing what you do. But what could happen if you take things too far?


Everything should be in moderation because extending usage beyond what you should be can result in your sex life coming to an complete halt. Sex and marijuana are both cerebral so becoming a space cadet during couch-lock isn’t going to get anyone in the mood. While this can be a problem for any couple the solution is quite simple, lay off the whacky tobaccy. At the very least cut down the amount you smoke, vape or eat.


Another problem can arise if you are using marijuana to enhance your sexual experience. I am faced with the same dilemma when I write. I’ve written a blog or two while under the influence of THC with positive results. Am I in danger of using it as a crutch?

Marijuana Is Truly Female

When it comes to sexual activity and marijuana the effects differ from men and women. It’s actually a lot better for women. According to a study published in March of 2019 the majority of women who participated in a scientific survey reported having a more satisfying sexual experience when using marijuana. When it comes to men it’s a little more complicated but we’ll get to that.


So it doesn’t take an addiction expert to conclude that if I can write a spectacular, mind blowing, and toe curling blog with the help of pot why wouldn’t I use it every time? The same goes for sexual activity. If women are having an absolute blast having sex while high on weed they might think that’s the only way to do it. Having sex while not high on weed would be good I’m sure, but not great.


The risks involved are not just using pot as a crutch but dealing with an increased tolerance as well. Using the same amount consistently can lead to a reduced intoxicating effect. In turn the user will need  a more potent strain to compensate. This comes with the risk of heavy usage which can kill your sex drive. Being completely blitz can ruin your sex drive no matter what your gender is.


A Word of Caution For The Guys

Alone at home


While toking before poking sounds like a ton of fun there are some risks involved when it comes to men. You have to consider that over indulging can ruin your mental state which can be a detriment to having sex. There’s more to it though. While tripping out and dealing with an anxiety attack will most likely prevent you from getting in the mood there’s more risks to consider.


The major risk is erectile dysfunction. According to the International Society For Sexual Medicine if THC binds with a cannabinoid receptor in the penis, achieving an erection can be challenging. Blood flow to the smooth muscle tissue is required for a full erection. THC can disrupt this process. This doesn’t mean it happens every time. But with heavy usage the risks go up.


Premature ejaculation is also another risk. Indulging in marijuana can increase dopamine which can lead to premature ejaculation. Depending on the strength of the strain (THC %) it can heighten anxiety. This can lead to erectile difficulties.


Another major risk is mixing medications. Perhaps you have a bottle of everyone’s favourite blue pill Viagra (or a similar medication). You’re excited to experience mind blowing orgasms associated with marijuana and getting busy. Not so fast. According to a 2006 study combining marijuana and Viagra can be a big risk to your health. Marijuana can stop Viagra from doing it’s job and the negative side effect includes heart issues.


So No More Pot And Sex?


Everything is in moderation. If you are concerned about your sexual health you should speak to your doctor. If marijuana is a part of your everyday life and your sex performance has taken a hit, it might be a good idea to take it easy on the dope for awhile.


While we are staunch advocates of marijuana we are not naïve enough to think it’s a wonder drug that’s harmless. Everything in moderation. If anxiety is your problem and pot amplifies that you should try some CBD as an alternative. CBD reduces anxiety and doesn’t have any intoxicating effects.


Sex is an important part of your relationship so if you can enhance it, awesome! If not, please consult a medical professional and go easy on the pot.

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