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Marijuana Enhances Sex

Part one of a two part series covering pot and sex. Today we look at how marijuana can enhance your pleasure in the bed room (and not just in the bed room you kinky devil).

I already feel dirty covering this subject. It’s not because I’m discussing sex. It’s because I feel like I’m writing a spam email that’s offering a substance that can cure all your sexual insecurities. While we at Captain Vape love marijuana (obviously) we always try to research it through an objective lens. If the cannabis plant was the source of all society’s disorders like certain politicians would have you believe we’d be the first in line to oppose it.

This blog entry will look at the positives marijuana can offer when it comes to sexual activity.


They Go Together Like A Horse And Carriage


What do marijuana and sex have in common? Well when you do both, people think you’re really cool.


As 100% true as that is, what do scientist have to say when it comes to sex and pot? You know, those kids in high school who did neither of the above mentioned activities and now tell us how we should live our lives. It turns out that marijuana and sexual arousal are stimulated in the same receptor in our brain called the CB1 receptor. Science has started to see why people love making love after riding a kush buzz. 


As discussed in our previous blog, Can Marijuana Affect Serotonin Levels? the CB1 receptor can affect your mood. It can also get you in the mood. When marijuana is introduced (more specifically THC) to the CB1 receptor your sexual behaviour can change.


THC can be a pain reliever but also increase sensations such as touch. When high on THC the feeling of being touched can feel much more euphoric compared to being sober. It’s safe to say people smoke this stuff for a reason. Just as a touch sensation can be enhanced by THC so can sexual arousal…in females.


Girl Power


There a few theories on why marijuana affects females a little differently than males. We’ve touched on this subject in a previous blog, Marijuana Can Give You Manboobs. Unfortunately there are not a lot of studies available due to that whole marijuana being illegal and labelled as a schedule 1 substance fiasco.


There is a theory that marijuana can lower testosterone and increase estrogen. For a woman this would increase their sexual drive. It would also enhance the sensations that come with sexual activity. That would explain why in a 2020 study the majority of women surveyed reported having more satisfying sexual experiences after using cannabis.


While on the surface it can be argued that marijuana makes everything better including sex. As they say, sex is like pizza. Even if it’s bad it’s still pretty good. I hate vegetarian pizza. If I’m rocking a Purple Kush buzz and get the munchies I’ll eat an entire veggie wheel and I’ll love it.


There’s more to it than just being in a state of euphoria. Your CB1 receptor is stimulated by THC which in turn can affect your hormone levels and change affect your sex drive.


What About The Boys?


While the effects of THC and testosterone still need further study, the effects of marijuana and males differs slightly than females. When it comes to marijuana and sex, females seem to have an advantage. While men can enjoy the heightened sensations of a THC fueled climax they are also faced with risks. Those risks include having trouble reaching climax or maintaining an erection. That will be covered in part 2, therefore; let’s focus on the positives.


There is an argument to be made that weed can actually help treat erectile dysfunction. According to WebMD a major cause of erectile dysfunction is anxiety and depression. While pot is not a cure for erectile dysfunction it can be used to reduce anxiety. A man struggling with erections that has nothing to do with his physiology can use marijuana to reduce anxiety and help him relax to allow the erection to occur naturally.


The risk involved with males using pot as a sexual enhancement is it can have the opposite effect if they have too much. While stimulating your CB1 receptor with THC can reduce anxiety and change your mood for the better; a heavy does can have the opposite effect.


As far as hormone levels are concerned, there are conflicting reports on how much marijuana would need to be required in order to make a difference regarding homeostasis. A poor health lifestyle combine with heavy usage of weed can contribute to erectile difficulties.


Erectile issues shouldn’t be the only factor when looking at pot to enhance sexual pleasure. The endgame is what it’s all about. According to Vice using pot to enhance a one on one session with yourself can lead to a more satisfying session. Smoking right before you go into “incognito mode” can lead to a more euphoric experience as THC increases your sensations.

Pot Makes Sex Better


Watching tv, going to the movies, playing video games are awesome right after smoking/vaping weed so why wouldn’t sex? Well, the moral of the story is moderation. While heightened sensations lead to a much more satisfying climax overdoing it can lead to problems. I’m not talking about overdoing sex because I’ve never done it enough to be considered an expert on having too much sex.


Heavy usage of weed can lead to health issues that can affect you in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s not just the pot but a combination of other factors and then over indulging with the pot.


Be sure to check part 2: How Pot Can Diminish Your Sex Life

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