How To Fight The Munchies

We’ve all been there. A few vapes of some high quality bud then all of a sudden you have a crazy craving for brownies. You decide to whip some up but just eat the batter instead. Now you’re sitting on the kitchen floor cradling an empty bowl with chocolate brownie batter and tears all over your face and asking, why? Why?

While comical, not being able to control “the munchies” can have detrimental effects for your health. If you smoke/vape/ingest marijuana to help you sleep you might be very tempted to binge eat while binge watching Netflix. That can lead to indigestion, insomnia and weight gain. So is there a way to control the overwhelming temptation to eat a full bowl of brownie mix?

How Science Explains It


In our previous blog, What’s The Deal With CBD we briefly covered the science behind your cannabinoid receptors. When you partake in a dance with the devil’s lettuce your receptors become stimulated in different ways. It all depends on the strains you are using.

Within that brain of yours you have cannabinoid receptors that are stimulated by neurons in the hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that controls your appetite and sexual arousal. That probably explains how aphrodisiacs work.

Anyway, we are not talking about oysters. We are talking about why smoking a ton of weed makes you want to eat three plates of oysters. As you can guess this could pose a problem. Consuming large amounts of food just because you like to indulge in some whacky tobaccy can hurt your cliche New Years resolution of losing weight.

So how what can we do to avoid the munchies?


If you plan on sparking a dube but don’t want to deal with the munchies try to plan on when you do it. Prepare a nutritious meal and be sure your appetite is satisfied. If you have a sneaky suspicion that the kale salad you forced yourself to eat won’t be enough drink a ton of water. As long as you feel full the “high” should wear off before the munchies kick in. Personally I found that I felt extremely full after vaping following a meal because marijuana does silly things to your brain that’s why it’s fun.

There are common sense things to do like don’t pack your house full of high sugar or salty snacks. But let’s face it in this day and age you can order a large pizza with wings and a liter of cola after filming your little Tik Tok sketch.

Discipline and preparedness are key.

Different strains

If you find that the munchies are strong even though you have eaten then it’s time to change your strain.

You can try strains that have a lower THC percentage but that’s not a guarantee. THC affects us all different so it could be possible that a lower THC bud would still give you the munchies. There is another cannabinoid that can have the opposite effect, THCV.

The following strains are known to have a good amount of THCV:

  • Durban Poison
  • Red Colognes l
  • Power Plant
  • Skunk #1
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Doug’s Varin
  • Pink Boost Goddess

Don’t worry these strains can still contain THC as well. Make sure you look at the ratios if you are looking for a decend THC percentage. Doug’s Varin is known to have a 5:4 ratio of THC to THCV so it is a well balanced bud.

Use It

Maybe weight gain is your game depending on your workout goals. Our previous post Can Marijuana Improve or Hinder Your Workout? Described the effects of weed during the workout. I should of pointed out that after my workout session I was hungry as a Pooh bear in a honey factory.

Eating right and working out can pack on muscle mass quickly. If you are able to schedule your workout plan with the right strain you’ll be able to consume a ton of protein.

Also Marijuana can help with illness that suppresses appetite. Whether it’s depression or chronic illness the munchies can be used to get you eating and some fuel in the tank.

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