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Marijuana addiction

Curious about marijuana but think it can be addictive?

This blog entry isn’t for the cannabis connoisseur it’s for the cannabis newbie. I’ve always thought of this site as a beginner’s guide to cannabis now that it is legal in the true north, strong and free. You want to try weed but have some concerns about being addicted to it? You’re in the right place. 

I’m not advocating that it isn’t addictive although I wouldn’t blame you for assuming so. There are government warnings on the packages. You also know that guy or gal that loves it…and loves it a lot. Maybe too much? This is a marijuana site full of marijuana content and there are links to buy marijuana paraphernalia. Obviously I like marijuana and will always defend it as a legit product that should be available in a free society.  

Although there is something I love even more than the devil’s lettuce and that’s facts. There is a large demographic out there who have avoided cannabis because it was sold on the street unregulated. Now that it can be purchased legally and safely I’m sure there are those who are very curious. With curiosity comes a lot of questions and that’s what I am here for.

The G’uvment says I can be hooked on the dope. Is that true?

Today’s lesson for you newbie stoners or soon-to-be newbie stoners is addressing the concern that trying cannabis will get you hooked. You’ve seen all the movies like Half-Baked, Harold and Kumar, Cheech and Chong, Pineapple Express, Dazed and Confused, etc. One might think that these film characters will do anything just to get a hit off of some sweet ganja. “It’s just like cocaine or heroine” some un-educated moron might think. That could not be further from the truth. So to begin, forget all those pop-culture references to pot and lets focus on real life for a moment.

You can be addicted to anything. If you’ve ever seen the program “My Strange Addiction” on TLC then you’d know what I’m talking about. While snickering at other people’s mental illnesses can be exhilarating this isn’t about a man making love to his car. This blog is about whether or not your fear of becoming addicted to this newly legalized product is justified. So is weed addictive?

If you smoke a joint for the first time you will feel the effects and then they will wear off. There are no withdrawal symptoms like nicotine or heroine per se. Consuming cannabis might be for medical reasons such as chronic pain or insomnia for example. If you continue to use marijuana on a regular basis to treat the symptoms of a medical condition your tolerance of THC will go up. Over time a stronger strain or more smoking sessions may be required to alleviate those symptoms because you can’t get high smoking the same amount anymore.

Now I am not advocating that this is the case with everyone. It’s just an example to show how cannabis addiction is real and how it can happen. 

Is it as bad as booze?

If you are curious and want to try it for fun treat it with the same responsibility as alcohol. That includes not driving, not over-doing it and knowing your limit. Cannabis can check all the boxes of other drugs when we think of addiction. We all know that “guy” or “gal” who can’t stop talking about marijuana and announces to everyone when it’s 4:20pm (or am if it’s the weekend). Lets take a look at his/her behavior and determine if they’re addicted or not:

  • Spends large amounts of money on it
  • High when they shouldn’t be (at work)
  • Very irritable when not smoking
  • Always in possession of marijuana
  • Drive while high on a regular basis
  • Consume large amounts every day

Now one might think that this person is “cool” or “chill”. We think they’re harmless because the high doesn’t usually bring aggression. As long as they’re not hurting anybody who cares, right? I doubt domestic disturbances occur because the parties involved are high on weed. It might have to do with weed but I have yet to see a headline describing a fight at a dispensary because everyone was high. Has anyone been thrown into the drunk tank because they were high and watching cartoons?

Now lets look at the same list but replace it with alcohol:

  • Spends large amounts of money on it
  • Drunk when they shouldn’t be (at work)
  • Very irritable when not drinking
  • Always in possession of booze
  • Drive while drunk on a regular basis
  • Consume large amounts every day

Sounds like a typical alcoholic doesn’t it?

These “potheads” might not be harming other people (unless they drive stoned) but it looks like they could be harming themselves. You might think of pothead rock stars like Willie Nelson or Snoop Dogg as role models who get high. But guess what? They’re rock stars and don’t live the same life as us peasants. We have keep our shit job at the shit factory to pay for our overpriced bills to support our family and ourselves. Millionaire pop-culture icons got that part covered and live on a different planet so don’t be comparing yourself to them. They didn’t become successful by smoking dope- they became successful by being talented and creating an image of a rock star dope smoker.

Marijuana, like alcohol has a time and place to be consumed. We should be grateful that we are living in a society where you can enjoy smoking a joint without the threat of going to prison. For decades men and women have been fighting to get this legalized and fighting the stigma that it will degrade society because it’s a drug. People risked their freedom to supply cannabis to those who are suffering. Propaganda campaigns were funded by those who profit from marijuana being illegal. It wasn’t that long ago that Tommy Chong was tricked by the US government and sent to prison for selling bongs. 

Be smart and smoke responsibly

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

“Marijuana dependence occurs when the brain adapts to large amounts of the drug by reducing production of and sensitivity to its own endocannabinoid neurotransmitters” 

In English this means your brain needs to adapt when being deprived of marijuana because you smoked (vaped or ate) a ton of it. The process of your brain adapting can bring some negative side effects which is called withdrawal symptoms which means, yes marijuana can be addictive. 

We need to keep marijuana legal and we also need to be adults about it. Use it responsibly and never think that it isn’t addictive. There are people out there suffering with cannabis addiction and they should seek help. If you think that might be you check these sites out:

As a beginner be consciously aware of the addictive properties of marijuana but don’t let it scare you away. As a recreation drug it’s fun and doesn’t carry a hangover so it’s a great alternative to booze. I’d hate to see someone turn away marijuana when they are in chronic pain because they believe the stigma that it’s just as dangerous as meth or opioids. 


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