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Ban Marijuana

Because reasons!


We live in an absolutely insane time in history. Trump, Kanye West, Q-anon, Newsmax, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and my clogged toilet. What do they all have in common? They are completely full of shit.


At Captain Vape our soap box is limited in its size because we subscribe to cheap hosting services and our servers have only so much memory. We are a marijuana site. We are a pro marijuana site and we need to use this platform as a rebuttal against excrement on the Internet.

Enter: CALM

Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana. A political action committee that’s probably never been laid. To call these guys squares is an insult to the geometric shape that has given us so much pleasure like tv and tables.

CALM is an organization filled with people’s crazy relatives that are against the legalization of marijuana. Their reasons? The real truth of that is not quite known. They’ve stated a lot of scary “facts” but what is the real reason they’re so aggressive against legalizing marijuana? It’s certainly possible they believe marijuana dangerous and it’s also possible they are white Republicans who support for-profit prisons. What a wonderful rainbow of possibilities.


Let’s rip apart their FAQ posted on their website.


Isn’t medical marijuana already legal in California?

CALM’s answer: The voters did not vote to legalize medical marijuana or allow for stores and delivery
businesses. Subsequent bills have provided essentially back-door legalization which has
dramatically increased use and drug dealing in California.


How you may ask? Well they left that little detail out.

Back door legislation is common in all democratic governments. For example Party A presents a bill that makes ducks wearing pants illegal. However in the fine print of this bill are laws that hinder voter rights. This is called an omnibus bill. The choice of language “back door legislation” is not by accident. It makes it sound like the law has been “hacked”. Evil congress members who have been corrupted by marijuana lobbyists created this sneaky piece of legislation to get your children hooked on dope.

Wow, writing lies to scare people is way easier than doing research. I can’t say I can blame them. It’s actually kind of fun.


The 1996 bill prop 215 made medical marijuana legal for those with serious illness. If you wanted marijuana legally you needed a prescription. CALM’s argument is that this piece of legislation allowed for rampant drug deals in the parking lot of your kids school. The truth is that terminally ill patients who were in a ton of pain needed this drug to alleviate that pain. That’s why the bill was called the Compassionate Use Act. The “back door” argument is that citizens and medical professionals can abuse the law to get perfectly legal marijuana in the hands of commoners. No one is saying this has never happened but it shouldn’t be used as an argument to make marijuana illegal.  


I know it’s fun to think of laws passed thirty years ago to support an argument but there was another law passed five years ago. It was called prop 64. Proposition 64 was on the ballot in 2016 so the public can decide the legality of marijuana. No back door funny business- just democracy. The people chose to legalize marijuana. Deal with it.


Why are stores allowed to openly sell marijuana against federal law?

CALM’s answer: The current administration has deemphasized enforcement in states that have “medical” marijuana laws or
where full legalization has occurred. Consequently, we have created a lawless marijuana drug
industry. The state will not be able to regulate this criminal activity. Enforcement is required.


The FAQ is dated January 2016 so it’s important to note that they are referring to the Obama administration. State laws are not compatible with federal law in terms of marijuana. They are right about that. In California recreational marijuana is legal but it’s illegal federally. It wasn’t uncommon for dispensaries to be raided by the DEA because they were breaking federal laws but not state laws. 

With five more states legalizing marijuana in the past election it’s only a matter of time before it’s legal federally. Currently Canada has legalized weed and Mexico is looking to do it in 2021. 

I thought these people were all for state’s rights anyway. I guess they can cherry pick which to laws to support. My guess is any law which puts more minorities in jail.


Has the FDA approved marijuana as a medicine?

CALM’s answer: There are some FDA approved drugs such as Marinol that have been tested and found effective for some specific conditions.

However, after years of testing, raw marijuana continues to prove to have negative impacts that outweigh any
benefits. CALM supports properly used FDA approved drugs of all kinds.


While the FDA has yet to approve drugs that are not purified versions of cannabis it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Here’s my question for CALM: Once the FDA approves cannabis for medicinal purposes will you support legalization or just delete this question off of your FAQ page. CALM seems to love authority so it would be logical to back the FDA and every decision they make. I mean what if CBD can be used an alternative to anti-biotics?

Here’s a little excerpt from the FDA site:


FDA is committed to encouraging the development of cannabis-related drug products, including CBD. 


Illegal legal

Why shouldn’t marijuana be legalized?

CALM’s answer: Marijuana is a dangerous, psychoactive, addictive drug that impacts the brain. The marijuana of today is 15-40 times stronger than the marijuana of the 1960’s. Its use impairs judgment and perception and makes driving and operating machinery more dangerous. The brain isn’t fully developed until about age 25, and marijuana impacts brain
development. Alarmingly, the vast majority of marijuana users are young adults and teens.
Marijuana use increases the risk of psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, thoughts of suicide.


Where to start? The last statement is the one that really stood out to me because we know it’s wrong. For more information check out our previous blog 5 Common Marijuana Lies .

The real problem with this is that there is nothing to back it up. What do you call those? Oh yeah, facts. How is marijuana 15-40 times stronger than the 60s? How did you come up with 15-40? Lots of drugs- even over the counter drugs makes driving and operating machinery more dangerous.  Drugs approved by the FDA no less. What makes marijuana so special?

“ALARMINGLY” the majority of marijuana users are young adults and teens or so they claim. According to the Washington State Department of Health there was no increase in the use of cannabis in adolescence since legalization in 2014. A similar survey was conducted in Colorado and it showed that marijuana use among youth decreased after legalization  . The drugs they sell on tv for arthritis that list violent diarrhea and brain tumors as side effects have a higher chance of causing thoughts of suicide than a bong hit.  

What has happened in other states that have legalized marijuana? 

Traffic accident

CALM’s answer: Teen use has increased. Colorado now leads the nation in teen use. Traffic fatalities associated with marijuana have doubled in states that have legalized. Homelessness and other social ills have become worse.


Wrong! If Colorado leads the nation in teen use (which is questionable) then it has decreased after legalization as supported in the link above. According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health there has not been an increase to fatal traffic accidents tied to legalization of marijuana. Mic- drop.

Isn’t marijuana safer than cigarettes?

CALM’s answer: No. Marijuana smoke has nearly all the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke and is just as addictive. Marijuana smoke has 20 times more ammonia than tobacco smoke and marijuana users typically breathe the smoke deeper. And, marijuana impairs judgment and perception, making driving under the influence very dangerous. 


This is not only wrong but irresponsible. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals that make them more addictive and dangerous. To say that marijuana is just as addictive as cigarettes is mind blowing. No one is saying smoking marijuana is like eating a salad but blurring the lines between cigarettes and marijuana is not only a stupid argument but a dangerous lie. As a former smoker who still struggles with cigarette addiction I find this statement offensive. They are trying to say it’s just as harmful to your health AND it impairs your driving ability so it’s even more dangerous. You can smoke cigarettes and drive all you want so make marijuana illegal. Vodka and water look the same but do different things to your body. Same with cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke. It’s smoke- but it is different. So shut up. 

Marijuana hasn’t killed anyone. What is the harm?

CALM’s answer: Many violent psychotic acts have been committed by regular marijuana smokers… 


The answer from the website is actually longer so I only imported an excerpt. I mean just read that sentence.

So why aren’t these people going after alcohol? How many broken homes and domestic disputes have their been because of marijuana? This is a Refer Madness argument. For those of you who haven’t heard of Refer Madness it was a film from 1936 that portrayed marijuana users as violent criminals.

The response to this question also brings up the gateway drug argument. Marijuana will lead to harder drugs and you’ll overdose and die. This has been debunked by a bunch of libtard hippies. They call themselves the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Isn’t marijuana safer than alcohol?

CALM’s answer: No. Over 60% of American adults drink alcohol regularly. Only about 10% drink to get drunk. Less than 10% of Americans use marijuana and virtually all use it to get high. However, when marijuana and alcohol or other drugs are used together (cross fading), the impairment from the marijuana is much greater.


Again we have some numbers like 60% or 10% backed up by nothing. It isn’t fair that these lunatics shoot their mouths (or keyboards) off with garbage and I have to look stuff up to debunk them. So lets just take them at their word.

So 60% of Americans consume alcohol regularly. That wasn’t the question. 10% drink to get drunk. That wasn’t the question. Anyone who uses marijuana does it to get high. Wow that statement is actually true. It’s still doesn’t answer the question. When you use both the impairment from the marijuana is much greater. Or is the impairment from the alcohol much greater? Again, I have no answer to this question. 

So 10% of the 60% of Americans who drink alcohol get drunk. The damage that alcohol does to your body is much worse than most people think. Your body already tells you that by forcing you to vomit and making you useless to anyone the next day. Their answer is that marijuana is not safer than alcohol. Just flat no. I still don’t understand how alcohol is safer than marijuana because 10% of 60% of Americans who drink alcohol do it to get drunk when 100% of Americans who use marijuana do it to get high. This really is a political action committee because that is a typical political answer. They didn’t answer the question and supported it with garbage.

Won’t the black market go away if we legalize marijuana?

CALM’s answer: No. In Colorado about 40% of the marijuana being sold is black market marijuana. Drug cartels don’t go away; they move into other businesses such as heroin and human trafficking. And, California currently produces about 60% of all the marijuana in America, making California the largest “drug cartel”.


I will give them a little credit here. This is a more grown-up argument than saying cigarettes and alcohol are safer than marijuana or marijuana leads to heroine. Legalization of marijuana has cut into the black market but no it has not gotten rid of it. Legal marijuana is still in its infancy so time will tell when or if black market marijuana will be a thing of the past. The war on drugs was an obvious failure and throwing more people in jail did nothing. Leaving the drug market up to a criminal empire was what a century of prohibition has done. Instead of using flashbangs and swat teams they should be using the market to tank these illegal corporations. The sad part is that these cartels have a huge head start and we law abiding citizens are just starting out. I thought conservatives loved the free market and law & order. You don’t arrest and kill the snakes that will just grow two more head- you bankrupt them. That takes time. Legal marijuana has been around for only a few years and it’s obtuse to argue that since the black market didn’t go away overnight legal weed isn’t the right thing to do. 

Labelling a state as a drug cartel is hilarious and sad at the same time. Medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal in California so no that doesn’t make the entire state a drug cartel. That’s like saying Oklahoma is a police state  because it has the highest incarceration rate in the USA.


We’re winning but it’s not safe to say that we have won. There will always be these political action committees committed to feeding the public lies in order to push their real agenda. That agenda is not quite clear but you can be sure it’s not just making marijuana illegal. Propaganda websites that are supported by lies always have a darker purpose. That is why we must shine a light on these falsehoods so that we can see what their true purpose is. Not just for marijuana legalization but for all purposed laws.

Lit Rhino dot caCaptain Vape

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