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Sleek. Compact. Stylish. None of that matters if it doesn’t cook. So how does the Black Widow perform?

Black Widow 01

With most dry herb vaporizers there’s really two things a potential buyer will look for. They will either want something that can pack a punch such as a volcano that can be a cleaner substitute for a bong or something portable they can vape in a public washroom then be on their way. The Black Widow from Kingtons (not Kingston) falls into the latter category. With it’s sleek and simple design you can discreetly fit this into your jeans pocket and take it to where ever you plan to get high. 

This Captain has walked the plank with the Black Widow and no I’m not sure I know what that means either. I am simply implying that I tried it out for a few days and I want to give you my honest opinion on it.

The Look

First lets look at the design of the vaporizer. All that’s missing is Scarlett Johansson’s face and the Marvel logo on the box. If that were the case it’d be pretty hard to review this product since it would be close to impossible to keep it in stock. I’m sure a Marvel superhero themed vaporizer would be harder to obtain than a Sony Playstation 5. Unfortunately I can’t imagine Disney pushing marijuana paraphernalia when they’re too busy ruining Star Wars. The font looks very much like the font from the yet-to-be released movie poster but I’m not here to give Disney lawyers any ideas. If you have any doubts as to whether or not the Marvel character was the inspiration for this vape just read the first sentence in the instruction manual:

“When I was little, I always regarded black widow as my dream-girl. Sexy on the outside and tough on the inside. The all black uniform even makes her more attracting…”

None of those grammar mistakes are from me that is directly from the documentation. It’s pretty obvious English is not the author’s first language.

The vaporizer feels nice in your hand and comes in weighing 190 grams. It feels like the same weight as a C battery. The Black Widow font and symbol are bad ass and if you like to get high and watch The Avengers, this is the vape for you. The back side of the vape features a spider with a Black Widow symbol that’s red and acts as an air vent. Also the bottom of the vape sports a red vent where you insert the USB charging cable. Overall the design is bang on and looks like it could be one of Black Widow’s gadgets- you know if she likes to party. 

The top of the vape sports a silver mouth piece you can remove to load it. It’s a solid metal piece that magnetically locks to the vape. That way if it falls over you won’t have to worry about a spill and believe me, it will fall over.

This vaporizer is a little too thin. Right now I had to lay it down flat because it’s beside me and when I type on my keyboard it’s rocking back and forth. It’s just begging to fall on my keyboard and hit the caps button. I’ve lost count how many times this thing fell over. It doesn’t take much. I feel like if I sneeze my Black Widow will fall and roll of the table. It’s always face down now.

The front has a button to turn it on and a led thermometer. It has five different temperature settings starting from 356 F and goes up to 428 F. The instructions suggest 410 – 428 for dry herb and the lower one’s for oil. I stayed on the highest temp the entire time I tested it. 


The Black Widow comes with three much needed utensils. Tweezers, a wire brush and a mini-scoop with a blunt handle to pack the herb. The oven is small. I can’t even fit my pinky inside of it. In order to pack the marijuana into the oven you’ll have to grind it and carefully place it in using the scoop. The tweezers can only pick up so much so I didn’t bother using them at all. The crumbs get easily stuck on the sides because the oven is so small. It’s very easy to a make a little mess around the opening of the oven. Just sweeping the small crumbs into the oven can prove challenging. Why not just use the tweezers or scoop? Because they are metal and like I mentioned above the mechanism locks the mouth piece into place using magnets. It’s pretty frustrating trying to scoop the crumbs into the oven when a magnet keeps pulling it away. Feels like a cruel joke Magneto would play on Black Widow. 

Once everything is packed the mouth piece snaps right on and you’re ready to go. Turning it on is a little puzzling. In order to turn on the vaporizer you have to press the only button five times fast. I guess this could be a child safety design but that’s a lot of wear and tear on a plastic button. If you’d like to change temperatures you have to hold the button for three seconds. They couldn’t have an up and down switch? Why the obsession with one button?

The Black Widow heats up fast but it does not last long. From turning it on until the hottest temp of 428 F it takes about thirty seconds. Another great feature of this vape is that you won’t have to worry about always buying screens. It does come with an extra one (very tiny – it’s less than one 1cm in diameter) but it’s pretty easy to clean the screen with the wire brush. The screen is located inside the mouth and rests on top of the oven. The little straw to inhale the vape is off to the side so there’s never any crumbs in the mouth. It also comes with a little silicone cone that acts as a longer and removable mouth piece. Unfortunately it barely stays on and I gave up trying to use it. It’s easier to use a disinfectant to wipe the metal mouth piece if you want to keep it clean.

Out of the box the charging time was almost 2 hours exactly. I didn’t need to charge again after using it at least once a day for about 8 days. Not bad at all. 

Black Widow 02

How Does It Taste?

The Black Widow can pack a punch if you make sure to do the following:

Keep that screen clear of debris and make sure the mouth piece fits securely into place.

I had a few weak inhales because I discovered that the screen was getting full of debris. I did a quick scrub with the included wire brush and I was ready to go again. I had another weak inhale and that was due to the mouth piece not seated in the right position exactly. It was hard to notice and it took me awhile to figure that out. When I put the mouth piece back on it felt like the magnets pulled it tight together. It wasn’t seated properly so I didn’t get a good seal. I accidently snapped it back down properly with my finger. When I took my next hit it was awesome! It was a big “ah-ha” moment as I was about to write a very different review if I didn’t get any satisfying inhales.

The vape tasted great. You can get a nice clean taste which is the sign of a good quality vaporizer to me. There are a lot of other dry herb vapes out there that can ruin the sweet taste of your herb. My strain of choice is Tangerine Dream and it has a very sweet and fruity odor. I thought I tasted more of it using the Black Widow and that made me happy.

High Maintenance

If there is a knock on any vaporizer you can say it’s the maintenance you have to do. Some vaporizers make it easy but there are some unavoidable steps you have to take to vaporize dry herb. Making those steps easier and less of a chore is what a good vape should strive to be. This one I feel has a lot to remember such as pressing the button in a pattern to turn it on or changing the temp. The screen has to be very clean and you have to make sure you press down on the metal mouth piece or you won’t get a lot of vape. The oven is too small and should be removable to load it easier. Half the time you spend loading the oven will be sweeping the small crumbs around it. Then you get attacked by the magnets and it can be a little frustrating.

Having said all that, it does work very well once you get it going. It looks awesome. This is just my opinion and maybe it’s because I’m older but I like more simple and modern designs instead of wild abstract madness like most bongs. It’s just a personal preference. I do appreciate the art design of some of the bongs out there. 

Overall I’d say this might be like dating Black Widow. She’s sleek and sexy but wow she’s a little high maintenance. You can show her off to your friends but once they start talking to her…

All joking aside it is a good vaporizer but I wish it was easier to get consistent vapor. 

3.5 out of 5


  • Great style!
  • Magnetic mouth piece
  • Great Taste!
  • Very good battery life


  • Tiny oven
  • Needs constant attention to get good vapor
  • Hit the button 5 times to turn on/off
  • Tweezers are too small
  • Magnets interfere in loading process

Find BLACK WIDOW and other great vaporizers at:

Lit Rhino dot ca

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