Video Games and Weed

This Captain has indulged in more than a few marijuana sessions. I have never, ever hallucinated after smoking dope. You wouldn’t know it in the wacky world(s) of video games.

Here are 5 examples of  marijuana in video games:


Everyone’s favourite sin simulator features violence, sex and of course drug use. While drinking your face off has some hilarious effects so does hitting the bong.

There’s actually two different sequences of marijuana use in GTA V. The first is in story mode where you are accosted by a marijuana activist who offers you some of his own brand. What happens next is a shoot em up sequence that has the player mowing down herds of Xenomorph looking aliens. While charming and also a hint towards a bigger Easter egg (hidden UFOs) this has got to be some whacky tobaccy.

I always wonder if the people who write these sequences have ever smoked a joint in their life.

The other sequence is supposed to simulate “greening” out. In online multiplayer you can acquire your own penthouse. Within this penthouse is a giant bong on the coffee table. Press X to sit on the couch and hit it. Now the screen starts to turn all wavy and has a green tinge. Again I’ve never experienced anything close to this but how does one simulate a marijuana buzz? Is it like trying to simulate…love?


Narc has the distinction of never been heard of by the average gamer. Narc was a PlayStation 2 “classic” that was marketed as a third person shooter for a mature (but definitely not sophisticated) audience.

This game’s schtick was using drugs as power ups much like a wizard from a fantasy game would drink a potion. Perhaps this potion slows down time gives the player the advantage. No one would bat an eye or accuse this fantasy game of telling kids drugs are cool. Luckily Narc on PlayStation 2 had to courage to tell it how it is. Marijuana, Speed, acid etc. give you powers 

I’m going to focus on the marijuana power-up because this is a marijuana site and we talk about marijuana. As far as the pills and acid are concerned I’m sure we’ll get there eventually seeing how marijuana is an inevitable slippery slope. 

It’s interesting to note that it is the same wavy screen effect with a green filter. In a cartoonish way it is not unreasonable to assume that this is a simulation of a weed high. I’m curious to know if the GTA V developers were inspired by this or is this the only way to depict marijuana in a video game? 


Far Cry 3 has the distinction as being known as the good one. For gamers out there who have been following the series, Far Cry caught lightning in a bottle with number 3. There’s a few reasons for this. One reason is the charismatic villain who dons the cover-art. He isn’t just another thug and he doesn’t come off as just another cliché bad guy. This is an action game so it had every excuse to have a cheesy villain. His monologues were always full of craziness but it also came with a lot of charm. Vaas Montenegro is a fan favourite and is rumored to be in the upcoming Far Cry 6 which could take place during his childhood years.

Here is a fun fact about Far Cry 3: there is a mission where you are tasked with burning an entire crop of marijuana plants. The results are pretty hilarious:

At least it’s a little different than GTA V and Narc. A little reggae with some fire and violence makes this a memorable mission. While you assume the main character is high (he is standing or running in a cloud of burning marijuana smoke) the game isn’t distorted to make you think you’re on LSD like most video games. 


Weed Farmer Simulator has the distinction of being a video game I’ve never heard of. I should of assumed it existed because of the long standing tradition of obscure sim games available on Steam. These sim games range from Farmer Simulator, Goat Simulator and even a Jesus Christ Simulator.

According to the game page the description of Weed Farmer Simulator is as follows:

In the beginning, you start with nothing, you will need to plant every seed with your bare hands. Need some stick to make a fenced planting area? You need to chop down some trees. You’d like to water your plants? You need to fill your watering can with water first!
As time goes on and you make enough money, you can buy vehicles and tools to make your life easier, a tractor can be a great way to make a plant-able area fast, but you can choose to make your farm without any tools or vehicles, in this game it’s all on you!

If you’re a gamer than you may recognize this genre as resource management or Minecraft. It makes sense for a simulation game as the player will need to utilize resources from the environment in order to produce a healthy harvest. Who says games can’t be educational?

So can you get high on your own supply? Absolutely! Can you guess what happens when you smoke your home grown cheeba? The same thing as Narc and GTA V. A wavy screen with the distorted colours. Is there not a different way of portraying a marijuana buzz? Is this just a cliche or have I not been paying attention when I’m high? 

Here’s a video I found of the smoking sequence. Skip to 8:40 to see the effect. Sorry it’s in French.


Postal 2 has the distinction of spawning one of the worst video game movie adaptation ever made. It was directed of Uwe Boll who was famous for butchering any video game adaptation film. His resume includes Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark and the stupid Postal film. The film has a 22 rating on Metacritic although the user/audience score has a much kinder 6.3 . This movie does not take itself seriously and has some pretty offensive jokes including a 911 joke at the beginning. If you want to smoke yourself stupid until colours are distorted and wavy then give it a watch. I wouldn’t recommend watching it or any Uwe Boll film sober.

Enough about the film we are talking about the game, Postal 2. Postal 2 is a first person shooter that acts like an errand sim. You have a list of stuff to do and at any moment you can go “Postal” as the title explains and things get whacky. You can stand in line at the bank or whip out an assault riffle and mow everyone down. You can also pee on people. Actually you can soak someone in gasoline, light them on fire and then pee on them to put out the fire. This game is a classic. 

All of that is ok though. The most taboo part of this game is the drug use.

You can collect a “health pipe” which might not be marijuana it could be crack. Or meth. The effects are a huge health boost and give you extra strength. Although once it wears off it takes health away to simulate withdrawal symptoms. The only way to regain that health is to keep hitting the pipe that contains a drug. Which one is it? While this doesn’t really sound like marijuana the game doesn’t say what’s in the health pipe. 

The marijuana content is actually in a DLC called Paradise Lost. While it doesn’t look like you can smoke any of it you can definitely interact with some plants:

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