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Edible Marijuana

Ok so recreational cannabis use is legal now and I guess that means it doesn’t lead to heroin. How are we going to care for all these people sliding down the slippery slope? They’re going to get hurt. You know what’s good for pain? Heroine. Trying marijuana

So if you are new to the world of cannabis and never tried it before, welcome. There is something to this magical plant and there’s a strain for everyone. My advice is to do your research and talk to people who are experienced with it. One common question I’ve started to hear since legalization is “should I have edibles for my first time?”

My fellow potheads are being asked all the time from you honest law abiding citizens who want to know what all the fuss is about. A lot of you are making the assumption that eating these gummies or brownies is the best way to go because it’s healthier. Gummy bears and brownies are healthy now? They better be some good edibles to take your mind off your amputated limbs from the diabetes. But at least your lungs are still pink. 

As someone who has inhaled both marijuana and tobacco smoke as gracefully as Keith Richards after a long flight I can tell you that edibles are not for beginners.

Hear me out.

First of all ask yourself if you really want to do this? I’m sure it’s a little hard to figure out what the high is supposed to feel like. Pop-culture has distorted the effects usually for comedic value. For example when Eric from “That 70s Show” is being lectured by his parents the wallpaper behind them starts moving. This is not marijuana. That is the effect good mushrooms would do. Acid too when that high starts to begin.

That 70s Show wallpaper moving gif

Cheech and Chong use language to convey how high they are and how high they are going to get. Ending every sentence with “mannn” is old hat is not associated with a burning plant. A burning plant can not make you talk like a So-Cal hippie.

(update: I just googled it and the Bible says it totally can).

So you wanna get high? Cool! Don’t feel bad and don’t think you are doing something wrong. Marijuana is great in that it gives you a little kick and generally leaves you feeling very relaxed and in a good mood. Different strains can have different effects but dispensaries these days are usually filled with people passionate about cannabis. They will tell you everything you need to know about each strain. They are usually very excited to tell you because they get to sell weed legally and talk about it all day.

Why haven’t I dropped off my resume? Oh that’s right because I’m a grown up. 

I’m kidding of course I love those people at the dispensary. In fact I’m jealous because they seem so happy. Where was I? 

Ah yes. Lets get high. 

So you’re worried about inhaling a few puffs of harmless smoke are you? You think downing a handful of gummy bears is the best way to go? Well there’s a few things to consider here.

You may of heard horror stories about “bad trips” and usually that’s associated with  acid, shrooms and edibles. Someone who gets high on a regular basis may have a high tolerance but that does not mean he/she is safe from a bad trip. The difference is that they have experience in dealing with it. A bad trip with weed can feel like a never ending panic attack. That includes a fast heart rate, high blood pressure, breathing difficulties and paranoid thoughts. The important thing to remember is that it’s all an illusion and THC can’t kill you. Someone more experienced in dealing with this state of mind will most likely be able to practice breathing exercises and talk themselves down. If you experience this “panic” bad trip for the first time it might seem like it will never end and the negative thoughts keep piling up and the trip gets worse. Can you experience this by smoking a joint? Absolutely. But…BUT this is important so pay attention. A bad trip from one joint for a newbie will end a heck of a lot quicker then bad tripping from an edible. Edibles last for hours and can lead to vomiting and more intense negative trips. But hey at least your lungs are still pink. 

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